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Our Odeca Primary Scalping Screen’s revolutionary design is totally different from anything on the market today. An ordinary screen cannot screen products with lump sizes much bigger than 250mm as they lack the power to move the large pieces, pegging occurs & decks are damaged. Decks are normally not designed to take the impact of a 600mm lump.
To overcome this problem, fixed or vibrating grizzly screens are used. These however have their own problems. A grizzly, by its design, does not really size the coal at all. Only in one dimension, the width between the grizzly bars, does the grizzly screen out a size. This “sized” coal can be any length in the two other directions, i.e. slabbing occurs, which in turn gives problems at the next screening and secondary crushing station. In addition grizzly screens block up very easily, thus eliminating their usefulness.
Our Odeca Primary Scalping Screen overcomes these problems. We also developed the Odeca Secondary Scalping Screen range incorporating the revolutionary design. The concept is where an inclined screen is combined with two vibrator motors producing a straight line motion. The vibrator motors are well known, locally available units, doing away with drive stands, V-Drives and eccentric shafts. This thus makes the screen virtually maintenance free. The motors have adjustable weights which give the advantage of being able to adjust the stroke of the screen for various materials and sizes.
Laboratory and field tests have shown that although the Odeca screen has less open area than many conventional screens, the efficiency and through-put tonnages are at least as high as those of conventional screens of the same deck area. Odeca screens main advantage is its rugged construction. The Odeca screens is locally designed and is specifically manufactured to cope with the tough South African mining conditions.
The Screens are produced in single and double deck configurations, while a special range of primary scalping screens are also available.

Screen Features


Primary Screen handles 600mm input sizes

The Primary Odeca is designed to cope with input sizes of up to 600mm, so screening the undersize from your ROM is easy.

High capacity per screen area

The Odeca handles up to 1½ times the tonnage of an ordinary screen with the same screen area.

No Permanent Pegging

The deck consists of individual screen bars. No permanent pegging can occur as the openings are open ended. If a long piece does peg, the next large piece of material will force the pegged piece out again.

Genuine Screening

Unlike the grizzly, Odeca screens out a definite product size to the customers specifications.


Cascading deck

By cascading, we mean stepped, each screen bar is on a lower level but just in front of the preceding bar. Thus the opening is open ended, but as far as the material is concerned, the opening is four sided and a definite size can be screened.
The Cascading effect livens up the bed and promotes better efficiency while the large centre step tips the big flat pieces that have smaller material riding on them.

Own Feed Box

The Odeca has its own feed box so that the whole deck may be used for screening.

Long Life Deck

The screen bars are made from hard wearing material, which helps to produce a long deck life. Deck lives of 1 to 2 years are not uncommon. The deck actually consists of individual screen bars so that they can be changed selectively as well. This means that a few bars in high wear areas can easily be replaced when necessary, giving even longer deck life.

Rugged Construction

This screen, because it is designed to handle ROM material, is of a rugged construction. It features a lined feed box, sides and discharge chute. If necessary, these are also easily replaced.

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